Two Words to Describe my Wanderlust Trip…Love and Maddening

yoga pose - Wanderlust

Intuitively, I knew the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado was where I had to be this summer. Because my heart fluttered and immeditately happiness came over me, the moment I watched the Find Your True North video with scenes of the festival.

It all seemed so magical to be in the magnificent mountains and ski town for practicing yoga choreographed to live music or DJ with celeb yoga instructors like Elena Brower, Gurmukh, and Schuyler Grant.

The wait had been two years for me. Since other commitments and timing wasn’t right before then. Though getting to Aspen/Snowmass wasn’t quite that easy for a traveler from out of state. I flew into Denver, Colorado to visit one of my Tulum sisters and yoga instructor, Jenna, (met at the Tulum yoga sisterhood retreat), [Continue Reading...]

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Oh, Resistance, you almost had me…

Resistance photo resized

For whatever reason, resistance has been a theme for me for the past month. Between training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and attending a HR professional training class, resistance had almost taken me down.

So much so, that there were a few moments where I wanted to quit everything. Quit CrossFit. Quit training for the half marathon. Refuse to go to another HR training class.

Yes, the stress and pressure of trying to make it all fit into the schedule seemed a bit overwhelming. Add on struggling through my initial 8 mile long run. Throw in feedback I received during the HR certification training that I perceived to be a bit over the top and harsh.

There I was at my breaking point where quitting everything seemed like the best solution. Until I [Continue Reading...]

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You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind…


What worked for you the last three years, or even last three months, just may not be serving you well any longer. Kinda feels even out of alignment with who you are or what you really want or need now and going forward.

Still somehow you tend to get caught up in the keep-on-doing-the-same-approach, because it’s easier, familiar, and feels safer than trying something new, or so you believe.

In being honest with yourself, consider feeling lighter and more at ease. Then imagine the potential that could be if you let yourself welcome the adventures and joy in a different decision. What would that look like for you?

You’re allowed to Change Your Mind and Approach…

In what you desire from a partner in a relationship.
In the type of expectations you hold of your [Continue Reading...]

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Show me the way from Fear to Heart-Centered Living…(C&R Self Must Read Book List)


Being the self-development junkie that I am, I can’t even begin to completely describe the sense of renewness and possibilities that fills me when several anticipated books arrive to my condo at the same time. And in this past week, three new books arrived that really spoke to me that I’ll be reading after I finish with Happy Belly.

Of course, you may recognize some of the names of the authors of who I’ve mentioned before, some of my mentors and teachers. I’m thrilled to share my mentors’ books with you, as I always appreciate their thought-provoking and empowering strategies that have shifted me out of fear and into heart-centered living many times over!

By any chance, have you decided yet on a theme or focus for this year? For me, my [Continue Reading...]

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Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Let Go…

Shambala Petit Resort in Tulum, Mexico - January 2015 - Christine Hassler's Retreat
Shambala Petit Resort in Tulum, Mexico - January 2015 - Christine Hassler's Retreat

While on Christine Hassler’s New Year, Be You Retreat in Tulum, Mexico last month, I allowed myself to indulge in a little Reiki healing treatment. It seemed like the perfect relaxing way to release any negative energy that may have been stuck in my body. It was my first time and I was really open to the experience.

Acupuncture is another holistic treatment that I’ve come to rely on over the years for a similar reason and other health reasons – sinus headaches, digestion troubles, healing of sprain ankles, to name a few. I was curious enough to compare the two treatments and to see how this could serve me well, whether it be a one time thing or something I’d continue with after the retreat.

To begin with, the Reiki Master [Continue Reading...]

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